Ichiban KUJI Dragon Ball - Super Saiyan Battle [1 Ticket] [SET B]


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Purchase this product to earn 15 Go Figure Credit(s)

*At Go Figure we aim to bring this to you online. The way it works is when you purchase a ticket (or multiple), we will record a video of us opening your ticket in front of your order, and then post out the prize or prizes you have won in a package. If you would like to see the video as proof, we are more than happy to send it to you as well. (Video only available through Facebook Messenger)

*If an item's design is not Random and can be selected from an assortment, we will contact you after the draw to select the design.
*Availability is on a first come first serve basis.
*All sales are final once drawn, no refunds or returns will be accepted, unless the item is faulty.

Ichiban KUJI what is it?

It is Japan's #1 Prize Game - There are NO LOSING TICKETS!
Ichiban Kuji is a super fun way to buy merchandise and collectables from your favourite movies, shows and games!

How does Ichiban Kuji work? It’s simple! Check out our handy guide below.

1. Buy a ticket from a set – or multiple if you like!
2. Peel open the ticket(s).
3. Check the letter against the items on the poster or list.
4. Exchange the ticket for the item!

The best thing about Ichiban Kuji is that everyone who plays, wins! And, if you buy the last ticket, you also get the Last One Prize – an additional one-off item that is often ultra-rare and highly sought-after by collectors!

Don’t delay, play Ichiban Kuji today!
For those familiar with Gacha games, this is the same concept but with real life prizes!

How to play / buy Ichiban Kuji:

We will update the list below, as major prizes get drawn. Anything without [DRAWN] next to it, is still up for grabs.

Prize list:
A Prize - Broly Figure x 2 (H:19cm)
B Prize - Gogeta Figure x 1 (H:16cm)
C Prize - Goku Figure x 1 (H:16cm)
D Prize - Vegeta Figure x 1 (H:13cm)
E Prize - Broly Figure x 1 (H:20cm)
F Prize - Goku Figure x 1 (H:16cm)
G Prize - Goku Figure x 1 (H:19cm)
H Prize - Gohan Figure x 1 (H:16.5cm)
I Prize - Dragon Ball Plate x 22 (8 Styles/H:11cm) *Random*
J Prize - Character Towel x 24 (6 Styles/H:60cm)
K Prize - Character Folder Set (2pcs per set) x 25 (8 Styles/A4-A5 Size)
LAST ONE PRIZE - Bardock Figure x 1 (H:16cm)
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Brand Name: Bandai
Condition: New